Sole AIO Rental 18/05/2019

Sole Sorcerer

This is a weekend rental of Sole AIO.
The rental period starts on the Thursday before the rental date at 00:00 UTC, and ends on the Sunday after the rental date at 08:00 UTC.

Sole AIO is an All In One C# bot supporting many sites, including Adidas, Shopify and Magento sites.

Sole AIO supports Windows 8+ only and Windows 2015+ servers.


AIO Feature List:

  • Requests mode for Adidas
  • Unlimited number of captcha harvesters with individual google logins
  • Automated captcha harvesting (harvester clicks and submits captcha)
  • Fast Shopify checkout times
  • Shopify queue bypass

Supported Sites:


All major European and American regions


Over 50 preset sites, plus any custom Shopify site.

All Footlocker EU regions


DTLR, Overkill, Titolo, YCMC


Mr Porter


To run Sole AIO, a Windows machine with access to the C drive is required.

Sole AIO is a non-refundable digital product and does not guarantee you success, however drastically increases your chances of being successful limited releases. By purchasing Sole AIO, you acknowledge that the product is non-refundable, and any chargeback requests will be viewed as fraudulent and treated as such.

Please read our terms and conditions.

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